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Routine Exams and Cleanings

During your regular exam, Dr. Guthrie will check for any problems that you may not see or feel, look for signs of tooth decay, and inspect your teeth and gums for gingivitis and signs of periodontal disease. Each regular exam includes a detailed teeth cleaning, in which the hygienist will clean, polish, and rinse your teeth to remove any tartar and plaque that have built up on the tooth's surface.

Oral Cancer Screenings

During your routine exam, Dr. Guthrie will perform an oral cancer screening. She will examine the inside of your mouth to check for red or white patches or mouth sores. Using gloved hands, she also feels the tissues in your mouth to check for lumps or other abnormalities.


Dental sealants are plastic resins that bond and harden in the deep grooves on your tooth’s surface. When a tooth is sealed, the tiny grooves become smooth and are less likely to harbor plaque. With sealants, brushing your teeth becomes easier and more effective against tooth decay.


There are times when it is necessary to remove a tooth. Sometimes a baby tooth has misshapen or has long roots that prevent it from falling out as it should and it must be removed. At other times, a tooth may have so much decay that it puts the surrounding teeth at risk of decay. Infection, orthodontic correction, or problems with a wisdom tooth can also require removal of a tooth.


If you often wake up with jaw pain, earaches, or headaches, or if you find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth, you may have a common condition called “bruxism.” If not corrected, bruxism can lead to broken teeth, cracked teeth, or even tooth loss. Custom-made to fit your teeth, a nightguard is inserted over your top or bottom arch and prevents contact with the opposing teeth.

Composite Resin Fillings

Dental fillings are an affordable and effective dental treatment that can restore strength and structure to your tooth following injury or cavity treatment. Dr. Guthrie works with tooth-colored fillings because they are safe, beautiful, and durable.


Protecting your smile while playing sports is essential. Mouthguards help protect your teeth and gums from injury. If you participate in any kind of full-contact sport, the American Dental Association recommends that you wear a mouthguard. Dr Guthrie can make you a custom-made mouthguard and show you how to wear it properly to protect your smile.

Sleep Apnea Appliances

Dr. Guthrie has the designation of “Qualified Dentist” through the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, which allows her to provide oral appliance therapy to treat sleep-disordered breathing, including snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea that is diagnosed by a board-certified sleep medicine physician.

Emergency Dental Care

While dental emergencies are rare, they can happen, and it's important to know how to take care of your teeth no matter what. If you experience a dental emergency, we are here to help you, any time, any day. If you need immediate attention after hours, please call our emergency phone number at (205) 289-7420 and Dr. Guthrie will help you. If you are unable to reach our office during an emergency, dial 911.

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